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17 Awesome Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Dogs

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When considering gift ideas for dogs, you shouldn’t immediately limit yourself to the obligatory bright and shiny plastic thing with a squeaker plonked inside.

So surprise your dog with the gift of love and not of convenience and find out why cheap and shiny is not always best.

17 Awesome Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Dogs

Blush Pink Check Pet Bed Cover – Personalized

Classic and tasteful with a little bit of flair Who could resist these chic & modern bed covers from LittleYellowNest.

Each bed cover is made from beautiful high-quality decor weight fabric that is both durable and machine washable.

Available in a wide variety of sizing to fit any breed. No insert, no worries!

Covers are sized perfectly so you can stuff them with old pillows, towels, or linens – especially popular for pets with anxiety issues because they find your scent calming.

Eco-Friendly Dog Rope Toys

All of these eco-friendly pet toys are made from recycled cotton fabric and will give your dogs many hours of chewing pleasure.

There are multiple designs to choose from toys to choose from and each toy is approx 4.5 “-6” in size making them ideal as a throw toy.

However, some dogs, like mine, tend to fixate on chewing one toy until it is completely destroyed. So expect a happy dog but don’t expect any toy to last forever.

Personalized Dog Crate Cover

Turn your boring dog crate into the perfect safe space retreat for your dog with a beautiful and calming personalized crate cover!

These 4-sided crate covers are designed for both front and side entry doors and feature no ties or snaps as potential chewing hazards.

LittleYellowNest designs these covers to roll up or tuck under for easy entry and can be personalized with a name, a short phrase, or just left plain. It’s up to you!

What’s more, their safe space crate covers are made from high-quality designer fabrics that are beautiful, durable, and fully machine washable.

Sushi Dog Collar

Handmade using organic cotton this beautiful dog collar is adorned with a very fun light blue cotton design covered with sushi rolls!

However, very vintage has many more fun and interesting designs to choose from as well as a host of other eco-friendly gift ideas for dogs.

You even get to choose between the antique brass or silver look hardware and the size of the collar to best match your dog.

And if you can’t decide on which collar to buy, why not purchase multiple collars so that you can match your dogs’ mood or your own!

Custom oil pet portrait on canvas – Commission oil painting from photo

What can be more unique than the gift of a photo turned into art?

Each piece is hand-painted onto the canvas with photos taken at 30%, 70%, and 100%
of completion to prove that the painting is 100% genuine.

SambanisArt can blend multiple images into one piece and can deliver artwork of varying sizes and detail.

Just contact SambanisArt with your details and confirm the price.

You can also pay 50% as a deposit and the second part of the price when you approve the painting.

Check out SambanisArt today, you won’t be disappointed.

Eco-friendly – Dog Shampoo Bar – Unscented

Don’t buy bottled dog shampoo, which does not always list its full ingredients and is generally poorly packaged in plastic.

Dog soap bars by HannaHerbals specialize in natural skin care products – you will love their human range – and are perfect for your four-legged friend.

The bars produce a nice lather, are totally unscented, and are formulated not to dry out the dogs’ skin while also leaving the coat soft and fluffy.

Perfect for dogs like mine who have skin allergies and need something more than the general stores can offer.

Additionally, If you like camping with your dogs and want to bathe them in a stream, there is nothing in this bar that would hurt the ecosystem.

Baseball Cap Sunshield For Dogs

If you’re looking for slightly different gift ideas for dogs then try this quirky little number from RisingVegans.

Give your dog a little relief from the sun while on outings, in the yard, at the beach or just waiting for you on the deck.

This cap from RisingVegans allows the ears to freely fit through the cap and has an adjustable chin strap to ensure a comfy but snug fit as your buddy moves around.

SizeInner DiameterOuter Diameter

 PupFlask Portable Water Bottle

The PupFlask water bottle is a great alternative to the similar water bottles available for dogs but of plastic construction.

PupFlask is made from durable stainless steel with a food-grade and foldable silicone bowl attached to the lid.

The water spout is also locked until you push the button on top of the bottle to open it and then tap the side button to close the spout.

It’s very easy to use, strong, lightweight, and comes in two sizes making it perfect for those longer walks or marathon runs.

Cracked Paws – Dog Paw Balm

This soothing paw balm is perfect for dogs with sensitive feet or those who spend a lot of time walking on sidewalks, especially those covered in snow and ice!

Paw Balm by DudeRanchSoaps is made using only coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, and shea butter making it safe to lick and moist to the touch.

This is certainly one of those gift ideas for dogs that any dog will love. ♥

These are 2oz tins, the perfect size to fit your pups’ paws.

White & Gray – Gabled Modern Dog Crate

Make a statement with a WLO® handmade wood product that has been beautifully designed to give your dog that feeling of being special.

Each wooden dog crate is designed using natural smooth wood materials with bedding made from certified anti-allergic fabric materials, which are easy to clean and contain no harmful chemicals.

These dog crates look fantastic in any loving home, are of great quality, are easy to assemble, and dogs just love them!

I strongly recommend that you check out the other great designs and color combinations at WLO® as they look amazing!

Adjustable Hemp Rope Dog Leash

This beautifully styled and fully adjustable hemp rope leash from Wigglywoo’s is 7′ in length and 3/8″ (10 mm) in width.

The leash includes 2 trigger snap hooks at each end (available in nickel, brass, or bronze) and 2 o-rings in matching hardware that can be slid up and down the leash.

Each leash is individually hand-spliced, and feels soft to the touch but is strong and extremely durable.

Each splice is finished with hemp whipping twine which comes in a range of ten colors, just pick your favorite!

Fringed Candy-striped Dog Bandana

Make your dog the coolest dog in town with this red candy-striped bandana.

Seersucker is a timeless, fun, light, breathable, slightly translucent, 100% cotton, with a wonderful puckered hand feel fabric.

The WigglyWoos bandana is a traditional square bandana, featuring Hand Frayed ends and comes in a range of 3 sizes to match your best friend perfectly.

Other colors are also available, just check out Wigglywoos for more info.

Handmade Ceramic Dog Bowl

These traditionally crafted bowls are handmade from clay and can be personalized for you making this a truly wonderful and unique eco-friendly gift.

Each bowl holds a little over 2 full cups and measures 6″ wide x 2.25″ inches tall which is a great size for a small to medium-sized dog. The bone is approximately 3.75 inches wide by 1.5 inches tall. 

A larger size is available from Susabellas however, all orders will take approximately two weeks to produce due to the high demand and craftsmanship involved.

Susabellas donate a portion of all proceeds to which helps provide low-income families with food.

In 2020 they report that they were able to donate a massive 100,000 meals thanks to their customers.

Lightweight Quilted Jacket with harness zipper – Water Resistant

This elegant lightweight quilted jacket is perfect for dogs who also wear harnesses as there is a zipper on the back for latching your dogs’ leash to a harness worn underneath.

There is also a hole slit on top to latch to collars which makes it an absolute must-have for male or female dogs!

The great-looking water-resistant outer fabric is complemented by the smoothness of the inner fabric lining making this jacket wonderfully comfortable for any dog to wear.

Flexible ribbed necking provides added warmth and comfort, and the reflective strips create better visibility and protection during night walks and activities. 

This is an exceptional and bespoke eco-friendly gift that can even be personalized with your dogs’ name or initials.

Eco-Friendly Pet Kennel Name Plate

ZipZapCraftShack personalized circular engraved wood kennel nameplates are made from sustainable and eco-friendly hardwood materials and are a great way to personalize your dog’s crate.

Each ZipZapCraftShack nameplate is laser cut and coated using Real Milk Paint’s line of All Natural 100% Organic, Child Safe, Food Contact Safe, Hypoallergenic, No VOC, Non-Toxic, Paints, Oils, Creams, and Waxes.

In addition, their finishing coats and lacquers are all eco-friendly, water-based, and are no/low VOC as well!

Oh, and did I mention that they replant trees as well!

Personalized Elevated Dog Feeder – American Flag

Whether you’re looking for a new dog bowl stand for your best friend or a gift for that dog lover in your life this custom-raised dog feeder makes for the perfect eco-friendly gift.

Each unit is made to order, just send the GrooveThisWoodshop the name of your pet, font, size, and color and they’ll start working on your unique food station straightaway.

Lift up the waterproof top and you’ll find a secret storage space for dry food, can food, toys, or any other dog bits and bobs you want to hide away.

Personalized Dog Treat Jar

This personalized dog treat jar would make an ideal eco-friendly gift for your favorite pet!

Handmade from clay this glazed ceramic treat jar has a rubber seal within the lid to make it air-tight and works well for small to medium-sized treats.

It will fit 16 ounces, measures approximately 4 ¾ “H x 3 ¾” Dia, and can be personalized with a pet’s name and a heart or paw print underneath. 

Don’t forget to visit Susabellas where you will find even more great and varied gift ideas for dogs.

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In Summary

I hope you found these Eco-Friendly gift ideas for dogs inspirational and have prompted you to visit some of the sellers to see what they have to offer.

Or maybe visit which helps provide low-income families with food.

The Feeding America network is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, working to connect people with food and end hunger. Donors, staff, and volunteers all play an important role in our efforts to end hunger in the United States.

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