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I’m a stay-at-home dad, father of two, amateur actor, and sustainable living enthusiast.
I am also the creator of SustainabilityDad.

Many moons ago, I stood back, looked at my life, and wondered how I could do things differently.

Back then, my wife and I shared the housework, children, and work responsibilities, and we tried hard not to let work be the dominating factor in our lives.

I began to look into living a lifestyle that was greener, healthier, safer, and of a slower pace than the life that we had been used to.  

At that time, the products we bought were full of toxic chemicals, and the food was sprayed beyond an inch of its genetically modified life. So although we were living a part eco-conscious lifestyle, we really were just existing from day to day.

Then disaster struck.

I fell victim to an accident at work that damaged my back for life. I can still function pretty normally, but I have no core strength and cannot stay in a single position for long. Worse than that, the doctors told me that I would live every day in moderate pain.

What happened next?

I educated myself on living a better, healthier, more sustainable lifestyle and soon began to experience its benefits.  Due to my back injury, I also became a fan of living a more holistic, slower lifestyle that didn’t involve me running hard and getting nowhere in the rat race of life.

I gradually stopped worrying about acquiring more and more stuff yet and started to appreciate what I had or, more importantly, who! 

I had spent all my time working to earn the next buck or get the next promotion but was it all really worth it? Possessions do not make you happy, people do, and I had undervalued mine. I have never been big on friends, but I should have been big on family.

Slowing down and having the time to listen to and appreciate the people in my life was profound and has changed me. 

I became stronger, healthier, happier, and less stressed than ever before. My family and friends noticed the difference, and life became a joy of living for everyone, mainly because I was now a pleasure to be around and not a tired grump just existing from day to day.

I looked into the various eco-friendly lifestyles from zero-waste to plastic-free and took the best bits from each of them. Incorporating them into my daily routines and habits made me healthier and stronger and had the same effect on my family.

Even the dog has benefited! 

Today I barely recognize the man I was or the way I used to live. Taking on the best bits from various lifestyles has changed me and undoubtedly saved me thousands over the years.

Not only that, but it didn’t cost me anything to do it. It was only a lifestyle change, nothing major, and it was absolutely FREE! So now, after all these enlightened years, I have decided to share my experiences. 

The secrets of living a slower, less cluttered, and more time-abundant sustainable lifestyle can save you money and make you happier. To do that, I am putting together (with the help of a few friends) this website called SustainabilityDad.  


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