27 character building ocean quotes

27 Deep-Thinking, Character-Building, Ocean Quotes

Quotes can be more than just a poignant statement for quick consumption and mild consideration. A great quote can stir the mind, promote the deepest of thoughts and create the longest, most meaningful of discussions.

This collection of ocean quotes relates to character, character building, and understanding one’s place in life.

Please read, study, and enjoy them, and I hope that you will then have many hours of quiet contemplation as the meanings of these quotes rumble on in the corridors of your mind. 

37 Sylvia Earle quotes ocean conservation

37 Famous And Inspiring – Sylvia Earle – Ocean Conservation Quotes

Sylvia Alice Earle is a renowned marine biologist who has dedicated her life to marine research and ocean conservation.
She has written hundreds of scientific papers, plus many books, and raised the public’s awareness of the threat to our oceans by speaking in many documentaries and lectures.
Her lifetime contribution to science and the ocean is unequaled, so here are my favorite quotes concerning ocean conservation that continue to inspire people in all regions of the world!

27 Character, Ethics And Moral Decision Making quotes

27 Quotes That Shape Your Character, Ethics And Moral Decision Making

Ethics is a system of moral principles that we live by to achieve and maintain inner peace and benefit society. However, having good character and strong ethical beliefs is not simply inherited but must be learned and practiced through life experiences. 

This collection of 27 ethical and moral quotes shows the importance of ethics in today’s world and will aid in shaping one’s character and ethical, moral boundaries. For as Albert Schweitzer put it, –

“Ethics is the activity of man directed to secure the inner perfection of his own personality.”

27 Beautiful Ocean quotes

27 Beautiful Ocean Quotes That Make You Want To Protect Them

To highlight our oceans’ fragility and the abundance of life that they support, I have pulled together 27 beautiful ocean quotes.

These quotes stir the mind and, in doing so, remind us of the ocean’s beauty and the joy that they bring. Please help to protect our oceans because “We know that when we protect our oceans we’re protecting our future.” – (William J. Clinton)


27 Ocean pollution quotes

27 Fragile Ocean Quotes (Our Pollution Actions Are Not Sustainable)

We have now reached the point where all marine life is being impacted in some way by human-generated ocean pollution.

The proof of this can be seen with the estimated loss of life of marine animals reaching up to  100 million per year. And the rise in areas of the ocean where no life exists at all.

Therefore, to highlight our oceans’ fragility and the plight that lies before them, I have pulled together 27 great quotes highlighting the damage we are doing. 

pollution quotes fragile ocean

27 Pollution Quotes Highlighting The Fragility Of Our Oceans

Every day marine life is being deafened by noise, poisoned by toxins, and choked by the 8 million pieces of plastic that enter our oceans daily.

However, to most people, earth’s seven oceans seem vast and totally impervious to our actions.

Therefore to highlight the fragility of our oceans and the life that it supports, I have pulled together 27 great quotes that can stir the mind and provoke action.