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17 Inspiring Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas To Grace Any Home

It's always hard to find the perfect gifts for friends, parents, and colleagues. So why not remove the stress and give them an eco-friendly gift that they will appreciate and will be perfect for their home. By choosing eco-friendly it will show that you care about the planet and, as such, have put some thought into their gift and not just taken one off the shelf. So go on, show you care and give an eco-friendly gift today. ♥♥♥
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17 Amazing Eco-Friendly Gifts For Teens And Students

It's always challenging to find the perfect gift for a teenager, young adult, or student who you barely see these days, even if they are living under your own roof! However, eco-friendly gifts are a fantastic choice for today's young adults as it proudly shouts out to all what they are about. So please don't despair, I have created this impressive list especially for them, and the perfect gift lies below.
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Creative Mill How To Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Recyclable Plastics 1-7 Your Complete Recycling Guide

Recyclable plastics are usually small, light, and disposable and can be identified by the number and symbol pressed into the bottom of the plastic. This symbol and number is called the resin identification code and is important as it's the product's recycling ID. The recycling center will use this ID to sort and recycle the plastic and determine which plastic is non-recyclable and must be discarded.
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Environmental Reasons To Recycle

17+ (Awesome) Environmental Reasons To Recycle

People are awesome, and those who choose to recycle do it not for financial gain but to avoid the very real and devastating environmental impacts of not recycling. To be clear, when we recycle, we are active in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preventing global pollution, and the spread of disease. Furthermore, we achieve all of this whilst also securing the earth's natural resources for our future generations. However, to prove all of these claims and more, we must look deeper into recycling and a product's life from its conception to its creation.
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Vegan Leather

What Is Vegan Leather And Is It Ethical, Sustainable, And Eco-Friendly?

The world of natural alternatives to leather is an exciting place to be if you are a vegan. From lab-grown collagen to pineapple waste, it seems that innovation is the key to unlocking a new and sustainable material. And to be honest, I only mentioned a few of the products in production here. However, my research always led me back to the same point. And that point is that all the variants of natural vegan leather require some sort of plastic additive. Which opens up the ethical question. Are we just potentially saving the life of one animal in the present by creating microplastics and poisons that will kill all animals in the future?
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37 Ways To Reduce Your Trash Levels At Home

37 Genius Ways To Reduce Your Trash Levels At Home

At some point, it must have occurred to you that there have to be some simple and achievable ways to reduce your trash levels at home. Ways that will not only save you money but will also be totally sustainable and very environmentally friendly. Well, the good news is there is. In Fact, once you start implementing these easy and practical tips, you will benefit from them a lot more than just having a few extra dollars in your pocket! Curious?
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