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The ultimate money saving guide for the zero waste home sustainability dad

The Ultimate Money-Saving Guide For The Zero Waste Home

Many of my friends and followers always seem to be asking me the same questions. How expensive it is to be zero waste and what money-saving things can I do to offset my costs. This is why I wrote the ultimate money-saving guide for the zero waste home. It is packed full of my zero waste home habits which save me money and it clearly answers the questions put to me.

Zero waste pyramid of the 5 Rs sustainability dad

Zero Waste Beginners Guide (Plus 37 Tips To Get You Started)

This zero waste guide is designed to help you to achieve your goal of reducing waste. It is aimed at getting you comfortably started on your journey without making the same starting mistakes that most of us have made. It demystifies the buzzwords and then gives a clear step by step guide on how to start your zero waste lifestyle. It then goes on to give you a few tips that most zero wasters practice which saves them both time and money. Once you have read this guide you will be clear about your options and will be able to plan your next moves. Enjoy

Kitchen cleaned with bicarbonate of soda

35 Uses For Bicarbonate Of Soda In The Kitchen (Cleaning)

Bicarbonate of soda (Baking soda) is my favorite natural cleaner, as it appeals not only to the environmentalist in me but also to my inner cheapskate! It won’t break the bank to buy, it’s very effective, and it’s extremely versatile.

Almost every area in your kitchen can benefit from a wipe-over with bicarbonate of soda. This will help to prevent a build-up of grease and grime whilst deodorizing the kitchen at the same time.

However, bicarbonate soda can leave a thin white film behind, so always rinse thoroughly with a damp cloth afterward to remove any remaining residue.