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6 Best Handheld Bidet Sprayers Review (Living Without Toilet Paper)

Handheld bidet sprayers however hold the answer to a cleaner, healthier, and more convenient way of doing things. And installing one in your bathroom can prove to be very beneficial. This is especially true for the elderly, young children, and people with mobility issues. Imagine the pleasant feeling of using a fully controllable high-pressure spray to immediately clean everything off. No, toilet paper reach around needed, and no doubts about the effectiveness of the clean.
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Bidet Sprayers: Everything You Need To Know In 27 FAQs

Bidet sprayers, also known as handheld bidets, are types of bidets that come in the form of a short hose with a handheld nozzle. Think of a garden hose with a spray gun and you will get a general idea. These little units are becoming more and more popular due to their low cost, easy installment, and money-saving capabilities. And, believe it or not, they can reduce your toilet paper spend by 80% to 100%! What is warming though is knowing that using a bidet sprayer is saving trees, animal habitats, and is the environmentally right thing to do.
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