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17 Awesome Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Dogs

When considering gift ideas for dogs, you shouldn't immediately limit yourself to the obligatory bright, and shiny plastic thing with a squeaker plonked inside. Dogs are highly intelligent beings and will actually appreciate a gift bourne from love and understanding than one just plucked off the shelf. The proof of this is in the eco-friendly gift because these gifts are long-lasting, durable, and often carry the loveable scent of the owner. So surprise your dog with the gift of love and not of convenience and find out why cheap and shiny is not always best.
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Essential Oils Toxic To Birds (1)

Essential Oils Toxic To Birds (Avoiding Harm)

Essential oils can be toxic to birds as their respiratory system is highly sensitive to the compounds found within them. Introducing foreign, synthetic, or artificial oils or scents can quickly overload their delicate system and cause irreparable harm. Therefore it is vitally important that any bird owner who wishes to use essential oils educates themselves on all aspects of them. Essential oils themselves are not the enemy here as many birds can benefit from the introduction of “safe” oils, but it must be done with care. In this article, I will list the toxic essential oils, commercial products, and delivery systems to avoid. I will also make a few suggestions of the correct way to administer the "safe" oils. However, this is not an article about “safe” oils so I will keep those suggestions brief and to the point.
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Zero Waste Dog Care From Puppy To Oldie Sustainability Dad

Zero Waste Dog Care – From Puppy To Oldie (The Ultimate Guide)

Zero-waste is a whole family experience, and our pets are part of that; however, how the heck do you raise a zero-waste dog! Well, fear not. This ultimate guide is packed full of useful and practical information to help you achieve your goal. So if you want to maintain a low carbon footprint, continue to cut down on your waste, and raise a happy, healthy dog, then this is the place for you. Read on to discover the best in zero waste potty training, lovingly make delicious doggy treats, and finding the best poop bags for a zero waste dog.
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Safe Food For Dogs Brown And White Dog

76 Human Foods Safe For Dogs To Eat (A – Z Listings)

While some human foods are perfectly safe for dogs, others can be very unhealthy and dangerous to them. This is because a dog’s digestive system is different from ours. Eating or drinking the wrong foods for them can lead to substantial health problems and possibly even death. However, dogs can eat some human foods with absolutely no problem at all. Furthermore, they can even be beneficial providing health benefits such as stronger joints, sweeter breath, and allergy immunity. So read on to learn which human foods are safe for dogs, which human foods are beneficial, and how some need to be prepared.
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Adding Essential Oils To Fish Tanks ( The Pros & Cons )

If the question is, can you add essential oils to your fish tank? The answer is YES. But if the question is, should you add essential oils to your fish tank? Then the answer is NO, as there are too many variables to consider, and the dangers far outweigh any potential benefits. However, not all fishkeepers will agree with that statement, and this is where the confusion begins for many people. So let's take a closer look at essential oils, what they are, and what they do. I will follow that by examining the pros and cons of adding essential oils to your fish tank.
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White Cockapoo Laid On Brown Chair Arm Looking Sad About Essential Oil Odour

Essential Oils and the Danger to Cats, Dogs and Birds?

This article will explain essential oils and the main dangers, symptoms, and signs to look for regarding oil toxicity in pets. It will also explain why certain essential oils are beneficial to one species of bird but are deadly to another. Why you should be very wary of using essential oils around cats. And why a dog should always have an escape route when you are using essential oils around the home.
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Essential Oils Toxic To Cats (The Ultimate Guide)

Essential oils can pose a toxic risk to any household pet, or small animal, but can be especially dangerous to cats. This is because cats, unlike other animals, lack a particular enzyme in their liver responsible for the metabolizing and elimination of certain toxic compounds. It is because of the lack of this enzyme that I do not recommend applying essential oil directly onto the fur, or skin, of a cat. And don’t be fooled by the labeling found on many essential oil products that convince you they are cat friendly.
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Sick Dog 30 Human Foods Dangerous To Dogs

30 Human Foods Dangerous To Dogs + Symptoms To Look For

We love our dogs and we love to share our food with them as a special treat. Who can resist those big brown eyes! But not all of our foods are safe. Some human foods are dangerous to dogs and can result in stomach upsets, breathing problems, panic attacks, tremors, coma, and even death. Read on for the comprehensive list of 30 human foods that are dangerous to dogs and the reasons why.
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