Essential Oils and the Danger to Cats, Dogs and Birds?

white cockapoo laid on brown chair arm looking sad about essential oil odour

This article will explain essential oils and the main dangers, symptoms, and signs to look for regarding oil toxicity in pets.
It will also explain why certain essential oils are beneficial to one species of bird but are deadly to another.
Why you should be very wary of using essential oils around cats.
And why a dog should always have an escape route when you are using essential oils around the home.

Essential Oils Toxic To Birds (Avoiding Harm)

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Essential oils can be toxic to birds as their respiratory system is highly sensitive to the compounds found within them. Introducing foreign, synthetic, or artificial oils or scents can quickly overload their delicate system and cause irreparable harm. Therefore it is vitally important that any bird owner who wishes to use essential oils educates themselves on all aspects of them. Essential oils themselves are not the enemy here as many birds can benefit from the introduction of “safe” oils, but it must be done with care.
In this article, I will list the toxic essential oils, commercial products, and delivery systems to avoid. I will also make a few suggestions of the correct way to administer the “safe” oils. However, this is not an article about “safe” oils so I will keep those suggestions brief and to the point.

Essential Oils Toxic To Cats (The Ultimate Guide)


Essential oils can pose a toxic risk to any household pet, or small animal, but can be especially dangerous to cats. This is because cats, unlike other animals, lack a particular enzyme in their liver responsible for the metabolizing and elimination of certain toxic compounds.
It is because of the lack of this enzyme that I do not recommend applying essential oil directly onto the fur, or skin, of a cat. And don’t be fooled by the labeling found on many essential oil products that convince you they are cat friendly.