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Eco-warrior Quotes Picture Of Hope

27 Brilliant Quotes About Sustainability For The Eco-Warrior

27 quotes about sustainability for the Eco-warrior focuses on strengthening resolve against overwhelming odds. However, how do you stay strong and positive when all around you people are dismissive of the sustainability issue? To answer this, I give you my favorite warrior quote from Mystqx Skye, which, I find, keeps me inspired, focused, and positive.  "You will know the limit of your strength when you fight for what you are afraid to lose. If you know what to be scared of, then you fight harder. Eventually, you learn how to win." 
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Elephant Walking Through Jungle Sustainability Quotes

27 Fantastic Quotes About Sustainability, Eco-Living & The Environment

Hopefully, my list of 27 fantastic quotes will inspire you on your journey of green eco-friendly living and sustainability. I believe that Eco-friendly living is our only future, and Niall FitzGerald summed this up beautifully  when he said, "Sustainability is here to stay, or we might not be.”   So if you already on the journey or open to change, here are my 27 thought-provoking environmental and sustainability quotes that will agitate your brain and inspire action.
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27 Famous Quotes On Plastic Pollution That Stir The Mind

27 Famous quotes on Plastic Pollution That Stir The Mind

In 2015 it was estimated that global plastic pollution was approximately 380 million tonnes. And by 2015, the world had produced 7.8 billion tonnes of plastic. This cannot be allowed to continue unchallenged. Quotes are intended to intrigue the mind and provide a thought-provoking experience for the recipient. I believe that from this from this shared experience discussion is generated prompting positive action both on an individual and a global level.
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Plastic Waste And Pollution Free

27 Famous Plastic-Free, Waste & Pollution Quotes. (Inspirational Sayings)

In 2015 it was estimated that global plastic pollution was approximately 380 million tonnes. And by 2015, the world had produced 7.8 billion tonnes of plastic. That’s more than one tonne of plastic for every person alive today. So it should come as no surprise that plastic pollution has become one of the world’s most pressing environmental crises. Therefore it is vitally important to create awareness of the plastic problem and stimulate the discussion around it. With that in mind I have gathered together a few famous, and hopefully thought-provoking, inspirational quotes to stir your mind on the subject.
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Environmental Quotes Sustainability Dad

37 Thought-Provoking Environmental Quotes That Inspire Change

If you seek to inspire others to “Turn to the green side,” then a little brain gymnastics might be the key. I find that discussing the meanings behind the words of well-respected individuals, past and present, can do just that. Quotes from conservationists and naturalists like John Muir and Aldo Leopold, plus unexpected voices like Theodore Roosevelt, are invaluable for this purpose. So if you are ready for a little ‘mind battle,’ here are 37 thought-provoking environmental quotes that will inspire change in you and others.
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Fast Fashion

77 Thought-Provoking Quotes About Ethical, Sustainable and Fast Fashion

We are running out of time and resources so it is up to us, as individuals, and organizations, to "be the change we want to see." It is my hope that through the power of quotes we can enlighten, educate, and inspire others to influence change within the world. In this article, I’ve put together 77 thought-provoking quotes about ethical, sustainable, and fast fashion. These are brilliant quotes from famous celebrities and fashion designers who have decided to put sustainability firmly on the agenda.
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