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Can Vinegar Kill Germs? (Or Are There Better Natural Options?)

Just how effective is vinegar when you want to kill your household germs? Do you have doubts about its efficiency? Should you be changing back to the toxic commercial cleaners on the market? Or are there some hidden natural cleaners that can do the job better? If you have these questions running around in your mind and want to be sure of the answers, then read on. I promise that every question you have about the effectiveness of vinegar will be answered and explained here. Plus, at the end of the article, I will reveal the hidden natural cleaning alternatives we should all be using.
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27 Powerful U.S. Marine Quotes – Doing The Right Thing

These powerful and inspirational U.S. Marine quotes demonstrate how important it is to have integrity as a person. Integrity shapes the character of each marine and is demonstrated daily in all that they say and do. To a Marine, there is a code of honor that they will not breach. These quotes are a reflection of that honor, and I would urge you all to look for the meaning behind the words and the strong integrity on display.
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Essential Oils Toxic To Birds (1)

Essential Oils Toxic To Birds (Avoiding Harm)

Essential oils can be toxic to birds as their respiratory system is highly sensitive to the compounds found within them. Introducing foreign, synthetic, or artificial oils or scents can quickly overload their delicate system and cause irreparable harm. Therefore it is vitally important that any bird owner who wishes to use essential oils educates themselves on all aspects of them. Essential oils themselves are not the enemy here as many birds can benefit from the introduction of “safe” oils, but it must be done with care. In this article, I will list the toxic essential oils, commercial products, and delivery systems to avoid. I will also make a few suggestions of the correct way to administer the "safe" oils. However, this is not an article about “safe” oils so I will keep those suggestions brief and to the point.
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Environmental Reasons To Recycle

17+ (Awesome) Environmental Reasons To Recycle

People are awesome, and those who choose to recycle do it not for financial gain but to avoid the very real and devastating environmental impacts of not recycling. To be clear, when we recycle, we are active in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preventing global pollution, and the spread of disease. Furthermore, we achieve all of this whilst also securing the earth's natural resources for our future generations. However, to prove all of these claims and more, we must look deeper into recycling and a product's life from its conception to its creation.
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